DJ Dinesh has been DJing since 2016 and has got certification from India’s Sunburn Academy. and has been pursuing his love of music and developing his abilities for some time now. At the age of 20, everything began. After graduation, he made the decision to pursue his passion. And when this energetic DJ 2016 passionately decided to pursue DJing as a career, what had first began as a favourite pastime activity with personal exploration quickly became a major inspiration.


His earnings from his first work as a Business Development Executive at were quickly put toward training as a professional DJ. And within six months, his first opportunity came knocking when he was given the option to work with “The Vijay Park Hotel” in Chennai. being present at many events.


 He gradually began building a reputation in Chennai, Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry’s music and party scenes. This resulted in several corporate gigs, club gigs, private parties, destination weddings, and trips around the globe. One of the best DJs in Chennai, with whom he collaborated on a number of events both domestically and abroad, improving his knowledge and talents in the field.


DJ Dinesh thinks it’s critical to advance in music and that learning technical skills is a process that is constantly changing. Regardless of the genre, setting trends in the industry is more crucial and top priority. He now has a far deeper understanding of the subtleties involved in creating music.


Continuing in this journey to be a happy and successful DJ


He mixes music creatively and instinctively as a DJ, delivering good music for both the largest crowds and the most discerning audiences. Even though Commercial House, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and Deep House are his preferred genres, he also has a strong affinity for Techno, Trance, and Retro. Dinesh travels with a vast library of songs in his possession that span many different genres and leave a path of melodies, memories, and tales in his wake. After having performed and served as an opener for numerous prominent DJs, he continues to learn new things every day, which helps him to further hone his technical and melodic abilities.